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Vitessce is developed by the HiDIVE Lab at Harvard Medical School.


View code contributors on GitHub.


To cite Vitessce in your work, please use:

title = {{Vitessce: a framework for integrative visualization of multi-modal and spatially-resolved single-cell data}},
author = {Keller, Mark S. and Gold, Ilan and McCallum, Chuck and Manz, Trevor and Kharchenko, Peter V. and Gehlenborg, Nils},
journal = {OSF Preprints},
year = {2021},
month = oct,
doi = {10.31219/}

If you use the image rendering functionality, please additionally cite Viv:

title = {{Viv: multiscale visualization of high-resolution multiplexed bioimaging data on the web}},
author = {Manz, Trevor and Gold, Ilan and Patterson, Nathan Heath and McCallum, Chuck and Keller, Mark S. and Herr, II, Bruce W. and Börner, Kay and Spraggins, Jeffrey M. and Gehlenborg, Nils},
journal = {Nature Methods},
year = {2022},
month = may,
doi = {10.1038/s41592-022-01482-7}