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Coordination Types

Vitessce defines several coordination types upon which views can be coordinated via the view config. The coordination types found on this page are all valid values for the keys of the coordinationSpace object in the view config.

Initial coordination values

Coordination values may be defined in the coordinationSpace object in the view config upon the initial load of Vitessce. However, certain coordination values may be partially or fully dependent on data (and therefore cannot be fully specified ahead of data loading). For example, you may know ahead of time that you are most interested in certain image channels, and you would like the remaining image channel coordination values such as colors and slider domains to be automatically inferred from the image file itself. In this case, the raster loader class would need to take the initial image channels of interest as an option in the options property of the file definition, so that it can merge those initial values with the data-dependent color and slider values before updating the coordination space.

In general, there are three ways that initial coordination values may be defined:

  • in the coordinationSpace object, when the entire value is known ahead of time.
  • in the options property of a file definition (and in the file itself), when the value is partially data dependent.
  • in a file, when the value is entirely data dependent.